New duos?

are new duos out? Magic jimmy hedo KP have duos


you late braaaaaa

don’t get hype : shitty duo anyway

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Lonzo with pd lebron

Edit Kidding lol

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Lonzo duo with Balls :cold_face:


when did they do this lmao

I thought it was with a dumpster

No he is boosted if you use Leopard balls :joy: + 25 swb

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Duo with ankle breaker

You live in a cave or what

Yesterday. Jury is still out whether they actually work in-game.

sorry i dont live and breathe 2k. Theres nothing on 2kmtc or mtdb.

They’re on 2KMTC, just not in the player updates like regular releases.


I mean you’re on this forum


Lol neither do i, i get twitter notifications and its been on there since yesterday



Are duos actually working though?

@raptorsbenchmob thinks he’s seen evidence they are, all my tests have been negative.

I will post today a video comparing jimmy buckets without under 86 ball control. And a video with higher than 86ball control with duo and show the difference tonight ! Its just ball control. Other stats who knows. But i truly think these duos work. My kawhi was shooting 3s at a much better clip. And vince carter felt miles and miles better than before

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I honestly really hope they do work. Do me a favor, try to hit a 3 pointer with Darryl Dawkins while you’re at it. I’m like 0-100 at this point.

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