New Diamond KAT price?

He looks decent, 80 speed, can get up to 98 open 3PT with shoe/coach, 98 rebounding, defense not so great but at least has 95 block and shot contest. And HOF Pick & Popper which is nice.

What’s his price at (XB1)?

Around 70k

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I wonder if he can be a budget Sabonis…

Can’t believe I even thought that even for a second. THERE is no budget Sabonis.

This is just a good KAT card.

Look at this beefcake… Looks like he drinks a keg of beer and beats his kids.



The girth is incredible

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Still not better than Gasol :smirk:

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Need & want

Must cop sir.

Will try one more time to pull but might need to sell something for him. Have been avoiding offloading cards like the plague…

Maybe they will tweet about the content tomorrow, cause a crash and you can scoop him for less.

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Hopefully… actually the opposite could happen if people stop ripping Throwback packs, less are getting pulled & sold and price goes up :persevere:

Just pulled kat ,i wonder should i keep him .his stats look good.and am a fan of his card.his three ball is finally decent.

I would keep, looks solid. I’m might cop him and feel sad that it’s not Sabonis. lol

I want tgat card too .but the price is up there.