New Diamond and Pink Diamond Signature Series LeBron James -- Stats up on
Stats on mtdb

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Jesus. Lmao this card will be 3M.

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O lawd

Kristaps’ stats are also up.

So no promo?

Good god

KP very disappointing


HOF on every important badge, rip

Thank DaNali, I hadn’t gotten the link yet I just wanted to inform everyone ASAP

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Kristaps actually doesn’t look that good.


Thank God I didn’t grind for that KP. The stress/hype would not have been worth it

That LeBron literally has over a 97 on every stat except 3PT ratings, speed with ball, and BC.

Dear God

I can’t believe they release 2 lebrons lmao is that 9 total cards now?

Card is a damn nightmare.

there’s a 98 Heat version which you should use for your All-Time team!

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Has dimer too!

LeBron never has to pass the ball why did he get HOF dimer lol

that KP with the diamond Adidas rebounding shoe will have 94 contact dunk and 98 strength.

Wow, I thought for sure they would break the game and give 7’3" KP HOF limitless and 97+ 3 ball, plus cheesier speed ratings.