New Content?

New Content?

When dou you expect new conent like a theme pack or something?

Friday would be my guess



Probably friday… a different theme like they did with the hondo and Jordan packs

There is 1 stockton on xbox for like 300k. Im worried for this prime set

First one and we already getting a trae young situation


God damn I want to sell for 300k so bad but there’s no other PGs right now lol


Bro sell now, get him when super packs come out

Or get pd zeke from token board if you have enough (or west)

Wait a minute I’ll throw mine up if that’s the case lol

Last i checked was an hour ago, check again before you do

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As long as they don’t release another pg this weekend I’m gonna cash out for sure lol

I wouldn’t be worried about that. The set will cost less than 200k total if you’re patient and wait for the eventual superpacks after all the prime players are out. We should all know this by now.

200k for 5 pd’s and a go ray allen? I think not

Maybe next june

You ain’t getting Ray Allen for less than 200k

For less then 800k

How many PDs you expecting to be out by that time? There will be a ton eventually and guys like Stockton will go for absolutely nothing.

Ok. Maybe 300k then.

But stockton is 300k rn, no supply of him at all. Super pachs will be weeks after the last card is out. If they put any decent cards in this set, like a pd karl malone, it will cost a fortune

Last year giannis was the gate keeper at 400k until like april for the first set… for chris paul

I’m gonna make an educated guess and say that there won’t be a game changing card in this set like Giannis last year. I’m simply saying that I’ve seen this happen every year where guys pay over a mil to do a set that ends up worth like 200-300k after a couple months. I’d like to save some people some MT this year. Some people have zero patience though and I understand that.

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I cant sell Stockton right now bc i need him for MTU / Qualifier unfortunately

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I was just saying it’s gonna be a while before its cheap enough, im definitely not locking