New content tomorrow, Dark Matter Kawhi Leonard, Dark Matter Shaq,Opal Cade Cunningham

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fucking crooks… now it’s clear why they did release previous Cade as sg/sf.


That is scummy. Really wanted Cade this week but could not justify another SG/SF PD as what I have I am very happy with. However, would love a good Cade PG!

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Kawhi finally I can’t wait…
To get beaten so much by him


This season ain’t hitting it for me so far, again nothing I would want. :sweat_smile:

I am interested in Cade, but likely will be too high. Nice to see the market really bottom out. Not sure if I made a mistake, but got a GO unsigned Durant with D contract and shoe for 115k MT. Liked his Heat check and sapphire cards this year so hopefully not a mistake. Other good Opal cards are really cheap. Hard to not buy them but could not justify. Really tempted to get Yi around 40K.

Yea man I said fk it and bought Harden, Durant, and Klay

It took a lot for me not to get Opal Klay. Still love using his diamond and I think I saw a few at less than 100k. I was probably the only person who liked but did not love his diamond and have not played anyone yet that scared me with his opal that I could justify getting Harden while last year I really loved his card.

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I hear you man. Just saw an Opal Klay for 85k. Just cra cra

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I also look for easy collections to complete when the market crashes. Just finished the cold blooded collection for 34k. Easy 150 tokens

New Cade card has him 6’8” with a 7’1” wingspan. I haven’t paid attention to his 2K measurements, but I thought Givony and all the draft guys got corrected. …and I’ve seen his games a bunch.

He’s now listed at 6’6” as I recall, and his wingspan shouldn’t be much more than his height

Same here, had most of the ruby/amy anyway and PDs around 8k and Opals under 40k on PC.

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That is really smart. Should have done that. Will remember for next season.

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Got also this Klay for 180k on PC :open_mouth: Additional badges - difficult shots, brick wall, break starter, clutch shooter, green machine, hot zone hunter, volume shooter, triple threat juke

Gonna change a shoe though, it’s driving layup, standing dunk, swb, hustle, stamina

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Always a bad day to be at work. I should have been more aggressive buy before I left. The only must have cards that were released are the lower tier cards.

Always wanted to know what happens when you change the player shoe? Does the old shoe he was assisgned get deleted or back in your collection? I hardly ever change shoes for players already geared up. And that Fox NFT shit is dirty and makes me think twice before buying nft.

It gets deleted afaik. At least it was like that in past 2ks.

So how’s Leonard compared to his PD for those that owned both ?

Should I sell my Cade asap when im done my challenges

I would. He likely will be cheaper tomorrow morning or next week.