New content drop tomorrow?

Do you think anything good will drop in pack market tomorrow?

I really hope we get the final duos update and then that’s it, gives them an excuse to drop everybody that’s left (and previous duo players) without having to come up with a whole promo set.


Nope. Keep content all summer. Expensive as game is I want it up until new release

It’s going to turn into second edition galaxy opals if they keep trying to release cards.

The real crime is they can’t do the new draft picks like MUT does.

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Atleast leave player of the weeks when they are officially done. Tired of them leaving it a dry game

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They really should just keep adding moments challenges for good token rewards, at least.


Yeah but player of the weeks to keep people playing 5 vs 5 as well

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You’d think it wouldn’t be overly difficult to, say, put up 5 POTM cards and have like a token market where you can make your choice.

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I don’t want any new content. Servers can’t handle it, and I don’t want a repeat of last weekend where the AH was literally unusable. Just want to be able to play the game these last two months before I give up the game for good.


Playing tto as usual dry as boards no tokens

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Let’s hope not. I’d like to actually play the game for a little bit without the servers going to shit. We’ve had plenty of content now just let us play

I don’t think they’ll finish this year without giving us Opal Pippen, Kemp, Nique, etc so I’m thinking a couple more weeks. But it will probably be only 1 drop a week with many more locker codes

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Yeah They gonna drop an Opal Pippen I think and Kemp and maybe Dominique

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NBA Live has rookies. 2K is just cheap or doesn’t care


They have a lot of content they could drop. Opal wade Kemp pippen pd butler diamond Oakley pd korver etc they could actually still drop a top of cards

New packs hopefully so I can buy 20 cards when the servers crash then flip them

really now?

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Mobile at least

So not a question of rights