New code incoming

per twitter

because they fucked up the mamba one?

That was the Mamba one he was talking about.

Is there any news on the new code?

Lemme guess they’re giving us a free PD guaranteed Kobe on the board.

This was posted before the Kobe code. The Kobe code is what’s he’s referring to.

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Gg if u wait

i was talking about the mamba code. i sawthe tweet from 2k right after the kat code. the site been overwhelmed tonight the threads have been are over the place sorry for the delayed response

Can’t believe everyone is disappointed. I already knew this would be a joke.


yeah i expected some tokens at the most considering how bad the lebron 3 codes were

lol i can’t believe people thought it was going to be a player. it was obviously going to be a pack. it wasnt a bad reward. 20 tokens mt or a pack. not the worst. im sure theyll do something over the all star break too.

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I didn’t get the ball drop, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten the tokens anyways.