New city uniforms and courts coming to myteam?

Hopefully we’ll get the city uniforms in myteam with the start of the season 4. And I hope they won’t mess it up and will make both Hornets and Heat uniforms home, to let us play on these courts :heart_eyes:

@6thManSam can we count on it? :pray:t2:


I hate how Heat jersey is always Away in MyTeam, like wtf


Yep, like last year. We couldn’t play on the best court in the game because of that.

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I just want the Nets city jersey and court, they’re so nice.

When does season 4 start? Definitely need new courts and jerseys!

Last year City jerseys came out wayyyy too late.


In 3 days.

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Last seasons Lakers black-gold mamba jersey was so dope. But its not in the game :sleepy:

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There are Nets city uniforms in play now, but there’s no court for them (I checked all of them in 2ku), I guess because they are black (or dark grey) so they 100% will be away jerseys in myteam.

Really hope we don’t have to play the new dominations to get them

Those look amazing!