New challenge: Bradley Beal

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Is standard Heat Check Award the new 5,000 MT?

Because I’d rather have the 5,000 MT.


Same, I have done all the moments challenges so far except the ones that give out the HC packs. My time is worth more than that, lol.

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I only do the token ones


Incoming another card who won’t be able to play defense… thank you 2k

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Thanks 2k for putting these challenges up!!!


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With a chance at a heatcheck card :rofl::v:t5:


Is it really that hard to give a pack that guarantees a heatcheck?


Lets post which card we get

I’m pretty happy with the rewards they’ve put up. So far, they’ve been pretty great in terms of putting up rewarding Moments (offline) Challenges. The aggregate rewards for all they’ve put up are pretty considerable. And also the Tokens and Packs we get for the Daily Login have been adding up.

I actually haven’t been opening all the Reward packs that I’ve been getting through various things like Daily Login, Moments Challenges, and also TTOff draws. Think I have something like 5 Heat Checks, and another 5 or 6 or so of various Spotlight packs.

The last two challenges gave me an emerald and bronze player out of those standard heat check packs. Ended up netting 1,000 MT off of each pack.

That’s not rewarding enough for a 30 minute game IMO. If it were a deluxe heat check it would be a different story.

The token challenges have been the only ones worth doing for me.

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I’m hesitant to do this for this very reason. I grind for 30 minutes to get a bunch of useless cards? Unless I see tokens or 2500+ MT as the reward, hard pass.

That said, good looking out by 2K to post these fo frequently. I like to at least have the option of evoing these cards on Pro.

I pulled an Amy Steph Curry. My only amy pull of the year albeit I’m no money spent