New Cards Out on MTDB

Baron Davis, Elgin Baylor, Micheal Beasley, Grant Hill, Charlie Scott

Imma say flash or buzzer beater

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Tokens? POTM?

Beasley POTM SG/SF???

buzzer beaters!

Yup it’s buzzer beaters

looks like it

GO Baron Davis and Elgin Baylor

I swear 2k doesn’t pay attention to the meta at all. Does anyone want a 6’3” point guard with the state of the game?

I was really hoping for prime today and fan favorites Friday


Where the fuck is Primeeeeeeee



Buzzer beaters today

B-Diddy!!! Finally!


Was hoping for a non token reward Grant Hill but this ain’t it. Yikes.

He’s solid, not great but still a 6’8” SG with most of the important badges

nah he’s trash, they limited him becuase of the Opal.

POTM GO SG Michael Beasley from the bucks… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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