New cards and their releases in freestyle

New cards and their releases in freestyle

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Rudy base 11 god confirmed

Bout to get him for like 8-10k and piss people off in tto

Uh oh this card is the new Hedo.

Base 11 with gold quick draw and insane dribble package.

Might have to scoop up Lou Rudy and Willis after watching this vid

Base 11 was not nerfed it’s just been hiding out waiting for HOF quick draw


Guys it appears his release is not base 11. Some guys said it was the generic release with speed turned way up! Either way, this Rudy cards is money! He’s like bird, with better defense and a faster release!

Willis reed syndrome:

I wish they listed wingspans on the back of each card: you know like, put on the page with the height, weight, and age(inappropriate at times) so players like reed wouldn’t get dissed so hard in the AH. We pulled 3 of them out of singles last night on 75kvc and barely cleared 100kmt (25k profit in mt) after taxes because of how disrespected my man gets over being a 6’9 center. He has deep fades, can hit corner 3’s with ease, and boards over 6-11-7-0’ bigs with ease. His release is butter and he has a 92-95 something mid with coach boost.

I appreciate you seeing the potential! Makes me feel better about making videos like these!

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i really enjoyed using him in 2k18 but didn’t at all last year, his mid range is so butter

Base 11 with HOF quick draw has a shot timing of 603 ms. Last year it’s base speed was 444ms.

Base 11 is LITERALLY the slowest tested jumpshot on 2klabs currently (750 ms base). Not saying it’s the slowest in the game. But it’s the slowest among any meta jumpshot.

It also only has a make percentage of 57%. That’s also the lowest % tested.

Base 11 is as nerfed as possible. But if people still want to use it, feel free.

Wow that’s crazy

Tony parker jumpshot is goated for me. Although I don’t have time to play park recently.

whos this ruby base 11 card? cant watch the video at the moment

It’s Amy Rudy T.

Yeah Parker seems to be the best all around jumper for sure. And then base 38 is the new base 11, as the go to fastest release.

If any card has base 38 this year, expect the same inflated prices as base 11 guys from last year.

How do you check?

Base 49 and Melo are still my go-to jumpers.
Shooting like 65% in park/rec with 80 3pt and Melo jumper. Hof quickdraw.

Thats impressive. I shoot 65% with a 92 3 pointer. I basically shoot only threes though.

Well, that’s because my build is labelled as “slasher” and people sag off until I hit a couple.
80% of my shots are completely wide open. Idk, I think I should be hitting even more. I rarely miss the release. Damn full whites.
Btw, DRob’s jumper is nice and easy, too.

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Slashing playmaker?