New card comparisons

With the new cards surfacing, these cards are similar versions of the same cards

Gobert - Amy Deandre Jordan - Gobert Better
Wall - Oladipo - Wall is better in all areas except the 3 but oladipo has great animations aswell. So it be close.
Simmons - Lebron - Better then the 98 except for 3pt but nowhere near as good as PD Lebron.
Steph - Lou, probably worse then the 95 Steph

Is PD TMac still worth the cop? He’s pretty much at 100k now, still bids tho.

I had him for awhile but I wasn’t too much of a fan of him, in right hands tho, he can score 30+ on me, I couldn’t quite get much production as I wanted, probably better at the one tho

Of course. He’s still the best SG in the game, IMO.

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Oladipo is very similar to Baron as well.

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Still can’t believe that I sold 97 Kobe, was almost about to pick up a diamond Oladipo, then saw that 2k will release the PD, got the code and was hoping it to be Oladipo and it was. The luckiest day in myteam for me this year.


Nice, I tired for 15 minutes to log in on that damn app and the code expired in the meanwhile.


If the code dropped half an hour later, I would have probably missed it. It was almost bed time here. Weird that both of these last codes came when I was still awake. Although the first one was a leak. Someone’s thinking about us euros!

We all bow down to PD LBJ. That card is 1 of the main reasons I am still playing this late into the year. He is 1 of the only cards in the game that makes a team unique.

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He is worth the MT for sure… these prices are laughable for how strong these cards are. However, he has under-performed for me as part of a god squad at the 2 and not the focal point of the offense with the ball in his hands more than most. 98 Kobe has been more productive and starts for me.

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Sold PD Lebron. Overrated card. I feel like Ben Simmons is equally as productive. Also EVERYONE in supermax has PD Bron. Far from unique.

I’ve not played anybody else who has PD Lebron. A lot of 98 Lebrons at PG.

I play him almost every game that’s why I sold him