New Buzzer Beater Packs - GO Baron Davis, GO Elgin Baylor , PD Grant Hill and D Charlie Scott

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Hope that Grant is juiced

He is not

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Scott will be solid for a budget PG, HOF range

Everything else is bang average

Oh well need the market to crash again so I can rebuild my “budget” team. TTO has gotten really stale

And this will not crash the market


I hope this Grant Hill gets a duo with Laettner. Laettner needs updated badly, and I’m barely halfway through the PD market on the way to Hill. A duo that makes them both Opals would be a life saver for me.

He’ll be a possible reserve on my UNC team.

Wow Warriors Davis again?

That’ll happen on Friday no doubt, with the final Prime release

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Is that the only Charlie Scott picture they have?


Yeah it’s like they forget guys played for some teams. Warriors logo might have a slightly better chance of selling packs maybe

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Think his PD last year got a different pic

It did yes lol. His 2k19 Diamond Rewards card had this picture though.

Not a huge deal however

I’d be excited for Bdiddy if it was January


Hot steaming pile of garbage for a late June drop. Where TF is Prime 3? Just drop it already, Jesus H. Christ.

yeah buzzer beater hasnt been good since throwback moments came out and those are an L too

So Beasley is TTOffline?