New Batman Game coming fall 2020

New Batman Game coming fall 2020

Any fans of the Arkham series or Batman fans(myself included) interested in this? I’m excited and this will be a must play for me. Now to play through Arkham Origins after I get a chance to buy it


By far the best Batman stuff we’ve had since the animated series in the 90s.

But I disliked Arkham Knight aka Batmobile simulator.

I dislike the fact it’s a reboot.
Hopefully the keep Conroy and Hamill, otherwise it will just feel wrong.

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Sadly I’ve heard they won’t be back…

I think its the same ones from Origins or something? Idk exactly who was in Origins but I heard it wasn’t them . Also I agree, it got me into the Animated Series this year actually. I still haven’t watched every episode but I’m halfway done lol. Then I’ll pick up Batman Beyond animated series. I loved that movie lol

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Troy Baker was the Joker, forgot about Batman.

Origins is actually a good game, idk why was everyone hating.

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I never played it yet but I’ve heard some mixed things. I did however like Arkham Knight a lot and I just recently played through the Telltale Series(which is interesting to me lol) but I love the Villains in the Arkham Knight game a lot( such as Professor Pyg, DeathStroke, Riddler of course lol, Firefly)

It’s basically the same game as City gameplay wise, that’s why reviewers didn’t like it.
But more of the same is a good thing for me if we talk Arkham games.
Definitely worth playing, especially considering that it’s dirt cheap nowdays.

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I may pick it up and play it sometime on my xbox. I dont think its backwards compatible tho so ill have to get the ol 360 out sometime and find the cord for it lol

I will ask this though which one was your favorite? The first one was fun for me as well as Knight. I liked City as well but sadly did not get to finish it…

Probably not picking up any more games until PS5

They’re going to realease this game just to re release it on next gen . Can’t seem to find the sense in buying games that will be re released on a better console

Love the Batman games tho :unamused:

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Asylum because it was so innovative at the time and we’ve never had a legit goty superhero game.

Asylum> City=Origins>Knight for me.

You gotta play all of them.
I played first three on PS3 and Knight on PC.
Gotta buy the first three for PC.
Like 10$ total.


Meh Superman Return is best DC game need remake so bad

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I just bought the return to Arkham bundle for 5$ on the psn store lol