New Badge Ideas?

Looking at how utilized the step back and fade away are now, do you think we could ever see some sort of step back and fadeaway badge?

There’s a bunch of post move badges, so I can’t see why not

Step Back
Fade Away
Pass Lane Interceptor

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Post fade is a combination of mid range deadeye & difficult shots…so its sort of in the game already

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2k16 myteam had like 100 badges. Post fade specialist, step back freeze, pass interceptor etc. I prefer that it’s simplified now, too many to keep track of


Ahh, ok.

This is my first real year of MyTeam.

“Pass interceptor” is Quick Reflexes Im park this year. It would be great to see it in my team too.

Ball Slapper (no homo)

Good at stripping the ball on lay up, dunk attempts


i think bruiser helps there. also high strength

There used to be a Fade Ace badge. I think there was one for interceptions, too.

Just read gpap’s post. Disregard

They talked about putting “Half court range”

I hope it is a joke, or it will turn into NBA jam quickly

Difficult Shots, from what I’ve seen, will not activate on Post Fades. Will activate on Post Hop and Post Stepback hopping shots.

And if the Post Fade is not contested, then MRD won’t activate, either.

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Thought of a few:

Hustler- players who excel at grabbing loose balls/ 50-50 balls

Limitless takeoff- dunk animations trigger from farther away

Grace Under pressure- contested standing close layups fall at a greater success

Muscle memory- off a pass layup and dunk animations go faster

Rise up- standing dunks trigger more often, especially with a mismatch

Hand cannon- long distance passes go faster

Glue hands- reduces chance of bump steal

First step- speed is faster from a standstill

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Love the idea of 1st step, guys like Kobe, MJ, Tmac ect out of the triple threat would be dope.

Rise up sounds great too, the amount of times a guy like Shaq does a layup when he should be ripping the rim down is crazy.

Nice list.

Glue hands need not be applied, bump steals shouldn’t even be a thing lol

I actually think a lot of 2k16 badges were better than current ones.

Just look at the list, a lot more specific.

There was just so many. Especially now with HoF badges, imagine a card with 50 HoF badges lol

Imo, additional badge slots and upgrades should be scrapped.
But that’s in the domain of making cards more realistic, which won’t happen.

Sure, it’s a fantasy mode, but I’d personally enjoy it much more if every high tier card felt unique instead of having 10 copy/paste endgame cards for every position.

There should be a personality badge, which is “Dispute No-Call”.

As painful as it is, irl players—some more than others—sometimes don’t get back on D, instead disputing referee no-calls.

In the interest of realism, should be in the game


I don’t like how you can add any badge to any player. Giving gold limitless to centers and they can green from the logo

Yes this. The NBA is full of specialists so the ability to add all badges to everyone takes that away. 2k prob doesn’t give a shit as long as it sells packs tho

There could definitely be some more dribbling badges, maybe a certain badge allows for more fancy moves like a shamgod or something, or like hesitation specialist makes defenders more likely to bite on a hesi or fake stepback. I (maybe just me) would also enjoy an enforcer badges which allows you to injure another play and get kicked out of the game, lol.

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