New albums on the wall

I collect vinyl records: Some classic rock, a little modern rock/alternative, some classic r&b, jazz, but mostly classic hip-hop. For the first time in over 10 years, I rearranged my album wall frames from a Pink Floyd theme to classic hip-hip albums. These are all original presses, no reissues:


I don’t really have anybody else to share it with because my wife doesn’t really give a shit :joy:, but I know we have some old head hip hop fans here that may appreciate it.


You just mad me sad looking at that Kaynr Album. Oh how much has he changed :sweat:

That’s cool as hell

ATLiens :ok_hand:

Best smoking album

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Who the hell is Kaynr?

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Definitely a dope collection.

Edit: reply didn’t work @HollygroveMikey4MVP

Just a guess but I think he means Kanye

A lot of people sleep on Mos Def. Black on Both Sides was :fire:


love it. Especially that mos def album. Very overlooked

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Talib kweli👍


I know man. The only reason he’s up there is All Eyez on Me is too thick for the frame :sob:

Auto correct doesn’t recognize the S.O.B

Black of Both Sides and The Ecstatic are classics.

Lol understandable i think that album deserves to be up there so it’s all good

I was about to say no all eyez on me? Blasphemous

I have Black Star, Quality, and Reflection Eternal as well.


Ooh :open_mouth: I know him. He wears the nice Make America Great Again shirt and baseball cap.


Not same time frame but To Pimp A Butterfly would look sick up there. Dope artwork and I think Kendricks best album

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The frame would damage it, and it’s like a $200 album.