New AD thoughts?

Picked one up on a snipe

He worth keeping, or sell

How much? I just got him & Kyrie both for 140k.

Way cheaper!

I got him and 2 Kyrie’s for almost that same price!

I just feel like AD’s price is way higher than his value. He’ll be 50k very soon

AD 60

Both Kyrie’s 55

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Damn, I hope not these cards play good, albeit that’s 1 offline game.

Ad is a beast not sure what he’ll settle at though


70ish is guess since giant block stats are so low

Started at 170 Mt

Sold 1 Kyrie for 64500

So still have a Kyrie and Ad trying to figure what to do lol

Sell, Blake’s better

Keep, he surprisingly knocks three’s down


Just used him in freestyle

He hits 3s easy??? WTF

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Does he play above his ratings and what’s his defense like?

Not sure yet haven’t been able to use him in a game

His price was 69 last I checked lol

Just used AD he’s a monster fast and athletic also drains the three I’m keeping pulled him out pack

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Since I got him for 60 earlier I don’t feel bad, might even throw Foamposites on him

Nah, your playing.

I like him a lot, can’t decide if he’s better at C or PF though