New 75 Release - Cowens, Jones, Reed

Looking at the cards being released, this is by far the most disappointing. Two 6’9" centers that can neither dribble or shoot? Cowens has most of the good defensive badges, but I do not see how he survives in the center with his height. Sam Jones looks Ok with HOF QFS and plenty of shooting badges (but not Limitless). I am guessing their prices will plummet quickly and will likely wait until then before picking them up mainly to complete the 60’s and 70’s set.

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I might have missed it, but it looks like this was such a bad release, 2K did not even mention it on their twitter account.

So much for The Season Of Giving :sob:

Reminds me of how excited I was to get Onyx Willis Reed in 2K15.

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Willis Reed from this drop is amazingly bad. Sam Jones is not bad, but there are plenty of other D and A cards that I prefer to use. I would say that is HOF QFS really works well with Jones. I cannot get myself to try Cowens until he drops significantly in price.

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Jones was ok. Like a lot of other low end cards though. Agree that Reed blows but the man can attack the rim with some authority(when he gets there)

I know this is really a past drop, but I have to let off some steam about how bad it is. I had been holding off getting Cowens until price more reasonable to complete the 70’s decade and get the XP. After passing on a number of Cowens go 65k as BIN, I got one on a lazy bid for 60k. He is so awful. Easily as bad as Reed. I basically decided to likely just skip this decade. I finished the XP and luckily sold him for 65k. I only cannot figure out why he is so expensive. Malone and Thurmond are 10x better yet they are a fraction of the cost.