New 75 Cards - Worth, Walton, Bing

I hope we are getting closer to the end for these series and can get the rewards soon. Not sure any of them seem exciting except to complete the collection. I am depressed that the 80’s requires another pink diamond. This will turn out to be a very expensive set. I should have waited longer for most of the cards as they do seem to drop.

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We don’t get any moments again. I was praying DeMar would get a card but sadly no.


It’s pretty sad considering he’s a legit MVP candidate for the 1st time in his career

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I know, I’ve been following him ever since I got into basketball and he’s been my favourite player forever because I’m from Toronto. It’s really nice to see him thrive again after people were calling him a bad signing. I had the Bulls as my darkhorse for the championship ever since they signed DeMar. To be honest I didn’t even know people were saying it was a bad signing until the season started. I knew he would play well but for him to be an MVP runner-up brings a smile to my face everytime I think about it.

Cool, I live about 2 hrs away from Toronto in a place called Kingston, not Jamaica (lol), I’m sure you’ve heard of it , ppl think it’s some crazy place because we have a bunch of prisons around here but it’s actually super chill and low on violence although there are alot of drugs , but if you stay away from the wrong crowd, its a pretty awesome place …I used to live on Steeles and Bathurst in North York (Russian and Jewish area )…went to a school named Northview Heights and then switched over to Newtenbrook , what area do you live in friend ? Btw the Raps are my 2nd favorite team only because I can’t turn my back on my knicks

How have we gone from getting spotlight challenges, rewards and 10 card drops during the week to measly 3 useless cards. They did not plan this 75th anniversary well at all

Indeed. Primetime was better, especially when they added evos to 2 of the 4 cards releasing. They could add back moments of the week too. That would be great too.

This could be the best drop since that PD Dirk! Omg I am so excited! And these new moments cards! Jaylen and Trey both go for 50 points and Giddey is the youngest to record a triple double! Awesome 2K! You guys really outdid yourselves this time!

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It is amazing how the 75 cards all started like a great idea. Classic looking cards of great players from earlier generation that were fairly good (when they came out usually) and could take any badge. The quality has really gone down the last few weeks. With the New Years set, the normal set cards ended up costing more than the 75th cards.
No matter how you look at it though, these are supposed to be the 75 best players to have played the game. 2K really should respect them and give them better cards/animation. I am only hoping the lock-ins end up being really great (hoping ends up being an opal and they then add great duos between some of the 75 card such as Kareem-Magic, Erving-Malone, Bird-McHale, Jordon-Pippen, etc…).

Why is Dave Bing in the 80’s set dude retired in the 70’s ?

Dave Bing was once the Mayor of Detroit.

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Really ? Lol Jeez they could use his guidance in the last decade or so…they had a mayor that was from Detroit who correct me if I’m wrong was the first black mayor theyve had in history…he was young and charismatic but he ended up being a clown that was stuffing his pockets in the background and skimming from the city and I think is doing is s very long bid in prison now…even their NBA team is arguably the worst in the league … that city just can’t catch a break

It said he made a small steel company which then became one of the bigger companies in Detroit. “Bing founded Bing Steel, a processing company that earned him the National Minority Small Business Person of the Year award in 1984. Soon the business grew into the multimillion-dollar Detroit-based conglomerate, the Bing Group, one of the largest steel companies in Michigan.” (From Wikipedia) Doesn’t say the bads and wrongs he did and at that time Dave Bing was 66. He wasn’t the first black mayor as there was also a black mayor before him- Kwame Kilpatrick but he wasn’t the first either.

Ok Correction , I think it was the first black Mayor that was from Detroit unless Bing was from Detroit as well , either way I saw a documentary about him and I’m pretty sure the guys family got implicated in the case , that guy was a piece of work tho, Dave Bing obv a model citizen tho, usually a hall of famer back from that day had the accolades off the field as well tho, they took the responsibility of being a model for the kids much more seriously back then…I’ve always been against the grain and liked Bing in 2k…in 2k21 he was a vault reward early and I ran him at PG for quite a while cause I liked him, eventhough noone else did at that time it seemed …thanks alot for the correction and the history lesson tho, str8 out of the “horses mouth” lol

This is random but in 2K18 when i first started and an absolute noob (I didn’t even think to search up 2k tutorials for starters). I didn’t even know what sniping was but I saw a diamond Dave Bing and saw 98 diamond LeBum for 500 MT I don’t even think I was fast or anything but I got him mid-day too. I didn’t even sell him the whole year. I didn’t even know 2k18 was considered bad at that time. But I’ve been wondering this for the longest time now, did anyone know how much that 98 Bron was?