New 2KDB Custom Card Feature

There is a new feature on 2kdb where you can make custom cards, I have made a few. Heres the link to the custom cards:

^^^ Example of the type of cards you can make (Made by me)


That is very well made

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Why is there a and The first one has the card creating system and the second one doesn’t.

Our beta domain is a small dev environment meant for testing features before pushing to the main domain. Just wanted to let a few card creators test it out before we release it publicly but cat’s outta the bag :man_shrugging:

It’ll probably be a little bit before it’s on the main site. Hope you understand :smiley:


Why does it keep saying this?

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


yea im getting the same message too. pretty sure theyre doing maintenance or something

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Since the site is down rn, I decided to post my Invincible Devin Booker here. What do you guys think?


it seems the beta domain has died

So sick dude

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I have a feeling we see that card if he gets Finals MVP.

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we need a DM Booker with this photo as card art!


Idk how to create custom cards though

It’s up on our main site now :slight_smile:


Can anyone else not use the custom card creator on mobile? Every time I select a card theme or logo the list pops up for like a second and then closes

Can somebody please… please make a dark matter Eaton or invincible my favorite player and I am awful at making these cards so if someone could make one it would be greatly appreciated!

Haven’t tested generator on mobile, will look into that problem


Thanks Kenny, feature is awesome

@KennyMcK69 thanks for fixing the issue with the card creator on mobile, we all appreciate all your work for the community :handshake:

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