New 2k20 5v5 Gameplay with the new Decade squads!

What are your impressions? Animations? Shot releases? New game mechanics? What did you notice?

Courts look cool, gameplay looks a lot like 19.



DBG has a bunch of 2k20 gameplay in his recent vids

I see alot alot of blowbys

This is good news IMO

2k19 played great post shot contest patch

For park moving the check in to half court was a great gameplay change

How did you get access so early?

Transition d is nice I like it

If anyone wants to see gameplay check out JD Crossover on YouTube. He has the most footage of anyone as he was at 2 of the capture events and captured an insane amount of 2k20 footage

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That’s good lmao :joy:

I see a lot of poor defensive positioning leading to blowbys, not dudes clipping through their defender. You gotta attack gaps in the defense this year.


Defensive looks like it will be fun this year.

I am not impressed at all…actually i am disappointed. The game seems slower, player movements and animations seems sluggish, shot meter is short, and shooting seems slower. In my eyes 2k19 seems more natural than this…

Blowby are effective against offball defense



That’s already been patched.

“You won’t see that unless your opponent is offballing”

Thats what he said

Basically they just patched and rebalanced some stuff and are selling it as a brand new 60$ game while resetting all of our progress.

Good stuff.

All the youtubers complained about blow byes. Its patched.

You won’t magically get a blow by animation just because its not a user defender that doesn’t even make sense. Lol

We’ll see. But also all the youtubers said that the CPU defense was way less effective this year, and I can feel it in the demo.

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I love the new player movement and dribbling mechanics and animations… Also changes of speed look great too imo

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