New 20th anyversary place holders added

OPAL Blake and Opal Shak are the rewards

They are there from the beginning.

Series 2 is fire. KD yes please.

I only saw Opal Paul, my bad, if that was the case.

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Man some of these anni cards are going to be pricey

What? How is this news

Like every single one of them!

Its a good reminder to not lock in for cp3 unless u really like him. 2nd sets gonna be millions of mt

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I’m locking in for Cp3 cause I’m not sure if I’ll still be playing by then. I always get bored around December or January

Yeah main objective is to have fun thats for sure, this is already dying out, not out of hate for 2k, just been less interested which is the first time in years


You are less interested this year than in that atrocious thing last year?

Yeah I always play for the present I don’t really like saving mt for cards say coming out in 3 or 4 months since I might move on to another game


Same here!

Maybe I’m still in shock from last year, but with my internet being terrible+ 2 kids on it

TTO is my only enjoyment