Never tho I would be that guy

But are y’all having fun with myteam? At this point? I’m pretty sure I’m burned out with the mode, how about y’all?


Same, bro. It’s all the same now and only animations and tendencies set the cards apart at this point.


Feel like I been running on fumes for over a month now. I know they arent popular but this Next set kinda woke me up a bit.

These cards are everything I’ve been asking for and 2k delivered. Even juiced their defensive tendencies I’m in heaven right now. I’m having fun still.

Dont worry your LeThanos is coming…


I’ve been playing my career for 2 weeks now and I’m actually enjoying it, jimmy butler can’t make a open mid to save his life, but I like the realism, watching the thunder vs heat game 2 in the finals made me miss real basketball and I stopped getting that with myteam like 3 weeks ago

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There’s no reason to play anymore.

TTO and Unlimited rewards are so ass it’s laughable.

That’s the thing tho, I have him already in PG Opal Lebron, that card is basically 99 everything, plus the thing that set players like Lebron and shaq and wilt apart is there freakish athleticism, there is no longer any more standout players, even the 99 everything cards don’t pop like that anymore

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They’d have change animations and tendencies. That might be the way they are heading after this Next set. How can Bron top LaMelo as crazy as it sounds. They gave him every broken animation in the game, a huge player model and crazy tendencies.

I do agree on the allure of all 99 cards. We damn near been using all 99 cards for months now when you add up all the different boosts. 2k21 is in 2 months. They might even get me to break if they give Bron the LaMelo treatment. Maybe a nice break and you’ll be rejuvenated.

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I think I’m actually having the most fun I’ve had all year with wiseman lol

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lol, 3 weeks ago.

We’ve had a shaq that can shoot 3s and a Ben simmons that can pull from curry range for months now.

99 everything GO chris paul with Wade base aint making no ones squad at this point.

GO CP3, Lillard and westbrook will just be collection fodder at this point when/if they drop in July…

Speak for yourself. That Westbrook taking the starting spot from anybody for me. LeBron, Thon, Magic, Wade whoever can find a seat real quick.

If you like playing with a bunch of cheesy builds that have no weaknesses and gameplay is zig zag, peek a boo and hop steps I guess yeah the game is fun. If you like any kind of realism no it isn’t.


having other things to do besides actually playing the game has made it more enjoyable

even if i have a terrible day of gameplay in 2k i still have my chat that is fun to interact with.
Now that im working on some youtube content it gives me something else to work on and flex different muscles while still being connected to the game somehow…

this is the only reason im still playing 2k20 a lot is for content creation and getting better at marketing and creating content people wanna see…

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Sounds like every 2k ever made. People forgot about the eurostep 3 and other bullshit lmao


I never really had a issue with the cards themselves, it was the gameplay, watching full games and not just highlights made me want to play real basketball, and I wasn’t getting that from myteam, only in my career and I’m doing that with restraint, I only score if I’m clearly the best option on the court, or the play being ran for me

I got burned out from mid April until mid/late May or so and now I’m back pretty strong until the end. It definitely wears on you though

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I have stopped playing the mode for over a month now

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After a week of saving up MT & grinding towards GOAT Kareem, I just lost the will to play this mode afterwards. Then when you add up all the free offline content & locker codes, it just made me sick to my gut knowing that I could’ve had an all opal team with no money spent. I’m not hurting for cash or anything, but I could’ve been a month or 2 closer to buying my own house given how much I’ve spent on this mode the past few years. lol.

Bad experience after bad experience on MTU definitely led to my demise, but I’m happy playing CPU & my friends on MyTeam still. PNO is actually kinda fun, but insanely slow & needing to get used to.

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