Never Lock

They are giving out FREE cards that are better than the cards people locked for. Let that sink in.

(EDIT: Not free thanks to Ronnie’s lying ass.)


Nah. Always lock CWebb. Always.

(edit: but I was kind of pissed I had to lock TMac as I dont want him)

Tbh the two cards ive locked for this year haven’t gotten any better ones and the cards I locked into the set have played amazing for me all year and still do

So you say we shouldn’t lock sets in february because the better version is released in late july…? Umm… Ok…


Alright so PD Bosh might actually be coming after all…

… I’ve been sitting on a full Game Changers set since like Saturday, can’t pull the trigger lol

I think it just depends. Any cards u lock are obsolete with the next installment of the game. So if u get a good 4-5-6 months out of a beast reward card i.e diamond pip pd giannis diamond pg who gives a shit if they release another w a month left of the games life? U can get ur moneys worth outta the card if u play it right.


Don’t do it. You could sell all those players and get a PD Bosh with a shoe and contract instead. Trust the process.

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I think I’ll stick with locking my dope reward Diamonds months in advance of the improved cards releasing.


and he might even get a WHOLE week to play with him!

I only need him for an '03 draft class team, which would only be used in friendlies… and probably only a couple of times, anyway.

Will be nice to look back in 2019 or '20 though and see the squad, too

Locking or not locking is probably a worse topic than religion. Now that I think about it, I should have stayed away from this topic and kept my opinion to myself. :sob:

Some sets this year were totally worth it for me, some not at all. Hakeem, Giannis, PG13, Scottie, and Penny played about 800-900 combined games for me, for example. Others were good for a while for me too like amy Dwight and Rim Rockers Kobe.

BUT, I locked others that just make me pissed.

What it boils down to is whether you’re interested in spending countless dollars to have the best at the time, and whether those things can get you any kind of lasting satisfaction like a tick on the PD Shaq checklist.

We knew Kobe’s best card wasn’t going to be a ruby, for example.

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I am a CWebb fan, and I will get my much better version of him than yours for a fraction of the price.
Fact is that I will get him now that the game is unbearable because of too many OP cards and in a month 2K19 will be there. You got to enjoy a great card for 5 months making me jelly.

I would much rather be in your shoes.


Same sentiment for me, changed the player :wink:

I have zero regrets locking in the clutch closers set. only set I did all year and it was 100% worth it

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Next year I will buy MT and lock some diamond sets early on if a player I like is the reward

Ive had Pippen and Shaq locked since the beginning and theres been no opportunity yet for a better player and honestly wouldn’t trade either one in, Pippen has been irreplaceable and shaq has played well for me but the big draw with him was always Vince and nique

Never create a thread where you’re the minority. The majority will defend. Lesson learned. :sweat_smile:

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But isnt playing with worse card for 5+ months better than playing with a better card of the same player for a month max?