Never listen to Ronnie again (Re-Spec'ing MyPlayers)

You guys were right this guy is a liar man first it was additional pie charts now this

I can’t smh


There are still people who actually believed him? Cmon, how can anyone be so naive.

Ronnie is playing his role perfectly. He’s the fall guy who’s there to take on all the hate, when in reality he literally has no say about anything that happens with the game.


This bungled ass launch better get raked over the coals by games media as much as the slots did. This is fucking absurd.

I’m not even mad anymore, just confused how a company could fuck up this bad.

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I knew he was cappin fool never says anything that’s true

Well he shouldn’t open his mouth then no one asked about a respec he said that his self he came out of his mouth and blatantly lied

If he don’t know what he’s talking bout I think he should just shut the fuck up


He is hired to be the scapegoat.

I get all that

It was legit no reason to even bring up respec our players

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God fucking damn it: it’s re-spec.

I keep reading this as Ali G pronunciation of “respect,” and it’s fucking my shit up.


Lmao I keep reading it the same way. Thought maybe it was like an emote :joy:

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And here I was about to make a myplayer guess I’ll
just get ultra moon instead

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Wrong info is worse than no info. Ronnie is so unreliable.

There had to be some cost for respecs or dudes would reoptimize all the time.

They should reset to 85 or something.