Network statistic help

So I don’t know much about network statistics, like what is good latency. But over the past 2-3 days I’ve been experiencing alot of lag and after I press a button it takes way to long to get the response in game. This has not been an issue for me all year so if you guys could tell me if my network statistics are okey that would be a huge help :slightly_smiling_face: I’m on Xbox one s so if you have any tips that I can do it would be much appreciated :grinning:

Oh dear.
Man my speed sucks. You are more than 10x faster

wow really, dont you have alot of lag then? im mostly wondering if my latency is good or if its a problem with the 2k servers :slight_smile:

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I’ve been getting stupid lag too man, and I check my connection often, and it’s usually pretty high. My only guess is the 2K servers + I might be getting matched up with players from the dark side of the moon.

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The only thing I know about is packet loss, and it is supposed to be a 0%. So that is fine.

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Your speed and latency is fine.


:scream: @LakerGang1988 how are those speeds even possible? What state are you in and how much do you have to pay for internet speeds like that?

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Your internet is more than 4x my speed. My upload speed is really low compared to everyone else who posted.

Verizon Fios and i stay in New Jersey. I have the 1gb package and its only $70 or some shit, but once my cable and other shit is included my bill goes to like 140 a month.

I have I think 88 mbps or something and I never really have lag issues. Yall have 10 times that. Lol

Fuck outta here Dre lmao, I hate lagging in a match and listening to you talk about your internet being that awesome😂

Your speeds are fine for someone who doesnt have fiber optic internet.

Amazing… I pay $120 a month in New Orleans for the internet speeds I posted above and that’s on a wired connection. I am being robbed down here.

Stop playing on wireless lol. Direct connecting is always the way to go

I get lazy and don’t plug in the cable sometimes. Lol

Damn i would be pissed. I hope you get fios in your area soon

Yeah i hope sooo too. I’m gonna google it.

Yo i just checked on google. Those service providers down there are some savages lol

Yes they are lol. Internet and cable is really expensive here.