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… If a mod could delete this thread that would be great

it could be the servers problem? 2k with the cheap servers

I’ve had this before. Originally thought it was 2k servers, but it happened to me against the same guy multiple times. Seems there is some fuckery going on.

I got a L yesterday when a guy quitted in pause menu :man_facepalming:

Seems to be Intentional

Happened to me a couple years ago on ps4. I cant remember exactly what oppo was doing tho. Matched up multiple times.

This sucks. This is why I think unlimited should just count wins and just tier off their rewards that way. With how the servers are and the lack of support they give players to combat shit like this you’re just forced to eat it.

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Imho removing the 12-0 tier entirely would decrease sweat levels dramatically. But sweat sells packs.


I don’t mind the sweat as long as there’s no cheating this is just bullshit my only 3 losses this Season are from this