Need100k on PS4

can anyone help? Buy my Jerry west for 100k?

I will buy him back later…

BTW. Have a diamond contract on him

I would buy him for 80k. If he doesn’t sell repost.

I need 100k in the next 3 mins… it is posted already. I think Jerry worth more than 80k even without a contract

You can play with for a few days. If you found cheaper ones. I will buy him back later if that works for you…

Can’t do it, sorry. He has been selling for mid 60’s as recent as last night. Today is sort of a fluke.

I promise I ll buy back if you buy within 1 mins…

Anyways. It’s over the player I wanna buy is no longer there.

Rondo? I missed him too. That was an amazing deal for that card too. Dammit.

Lol. Yeah. Couldn’t afford a rondo after all this time. Don’t know why I bought a Isiah T for 140 couple weeks agoZ

I can’t believe he went for 130k. That’s insane

Loaded with shoe and contract too. Sheesh that’s a 300k card right there.

I say he should be in the 180 to 200 range
It was definitely a snipe for who ever got that card…

Rondos without anything have been selling for over 250 & 300. I’m always in the market.