Need some opinions please help!

Off my bench currently running

97 Westbrook
97 Clyde
97 Tmac
97 Bron
95 Cousins (3 point shoe)

I’ve been getting killed on the boards recently and it’s starting to make games a lot closer than they should be. So here’s what I’m thinking:

A: Slide Tmac down, LeBron down, cousins down, take out Clyde and go get Marc Gasol

B: Slide Tmac down, slide LeBron down, go get Kevin love and keep cousins at the 5.

Always looking for advice. Just seeing if I can get any on this. I’ve tried Sabonis, diamond Jokic, diamond Anthony Davis. Looking for a different big man to get

You might think its gross but check amy JV’s rebounding stats. Has hof hustle rebounder. He has an 85 open 3 also. I just buy nike 3pt shoes for him. Found one for 300mt. 6+ to 3pt. Makes him a 91. First game i ran with him i had 22 pts. 6 3s made. And 5 rebounds

Thanks for the advice! Anyone else care to help?!?!?

Get Karl Malone and slide down the others keep cousins at C

Neither. Replace boogie with Amy Porzingis and you’ll get more boards.

Prozingis is in my starting line up with KAT. No problems with boards with starters

Update: Got a Diamond Malone with a 3 point shoe for 100k. Good buy???

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great buy.

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Grab diamond Dwight.

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This is my line up before and after

Currently sitting on 265k

I strongly dislike Kristaps at PF.

Curious, how come you’re starting spida over tmac?

I’d sell that KAT and grab someone else. He’s so overpriced. That new Gasol is a beast defensively and can shoot just as good.

You could have KD and Hakeem if you sold KAT.