Need some help with my lineup

My starters are PD Magic-Diamond Gilbert- Hedo- PD Blake- Diamond Marc Gasol
My bench is Amethyst Isiah Thomas- Ruby Oladipo- Ruby PG-Ruby Kristaps- Mark Eaton
I’m going to eventually get Amethyst Draymond, but I need some help finding some good Amethyst players to round out my bench. I’m thinking of getting Amethyst De’Aaron Fox or Amethyst Vince Carter. What are yalls opinions?

How much MT do you have? Amy butler is a good option and I would consider starting him and making Gilbert your bench 1. Amy Battier is a nice 3&D option.

I got about 30k rn but will have enough to build a whole bench within the next day or 2. I’m not that good with Butler in general but how much is he?

I’m unsure how much he costs but his defense and ability to bang 3s is seemingly optimal for the spacing of your starting lineup and Gilbert could be all the scoring your bench needs.