Need some help cuh

my starting lineup is oscar, pg13, bird, cowens, and ayton. i got 200k and really want drob. I can dump ayton and cowens, and i still have a bunch of guys that can play the 4 (giannis, blake, ad)

whats the move cuh?

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How much is DRob?

Man wait if you have AD sell him doesn’t he go for a bunch

Definitely sell cowens he was dope but I don’t miss him that much.

461 and my stupid ass locked him @OGxSuave

wait it out a few days Drob may drop to 300ish. then you wouldn’t need to scrounge up as much mt

That’s what everyone said about pg13 and kareem​:joy::joy: still waiting here smh

PG13 dropped from like 700 to 450ish

He’s still about 600

pg goes crazy bruh i scooped him when ben simmons dropped for the low low

I been tryna cop for a week or two, can’t seem to get one for less than 550

Just sell Cowens and Ayton.
Blake/AD at the 4 are plenty.
DRob is a game changer.

im tryna CLAP cheeks drob will body anyone my team is deep enough. Anyone got a gameplay

Wheres pierce cuh

13th man cuh he gets some burn

the skreets need an opal pierce tho fr

yall go bid on my cowens :sob:

got one. how to get slash/post cuh

Not possible because post and speed need to be boosted and there isn’t a shoe that does both. This is because his defensive attributes are so high already.

Gotta choose either slasher/rim, or post/rim cuh

on cuh that shit is wack af. do purp kyries give him slash/rim?

Yes, but he’s slash/rim without a shoe and D’Antoni. Use pink Adidas to boost his post fade to 99 and swb to 84.