Need some cheesy or op triple threat online lineups

Hey listen it is what it is an I need some dubs any lineups that you guys use would be appreciated

Magic, Bron, Giannis

George, Worthy, Hakeem

Worthy, Pippen, Hakeem
I win over 90% of games with these lineups

You can also go Eddie/Iggy, Pippen & Worthy

Try Porzingas. Gives you a tall center with great rebounding. He often scores most of the points for us ans well. Other 2 like to use those with great defense and shooting and at least one with HOF Dimer. Often use Lonzo Ball (Penny would also work) with either Pippin, Artest, or Hayward. This prevent anyone sagging on defense or trying to just mash inside on offense.

Would add that it is great if your noncenters have HOF challenger. It prevents the long fade 3 by players like Booker.

I played most games last season with Booker, Pippen and Kareem. Just pulled threes from half court with Booker. Some quit after they saw that bs, some could defend and I had a hard time. Still only lost one, maybe rarely two games per run (Idk how many games it is - 10 or 12 or smth)?