Need One Ball for Fire Ball

I have every ball except the Suns Ornament Ball. I haven’t seen it on the auction house anywhere. Does anyone have it? I’m willing to pay like 10-20k for it.

xbox or ps?

If your on Playstation there are 4 suns balls on the auction house, one is 38k and the other two are 4k.

your profile says you’r on xbox, so message me. i am not home but i’m quite sure i have what you need. i will sell it to you for 500 mt.

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I hope u get it man cuz the fire ball has been the best thing ive gotten in 2k. I think sometimes when the team sees the ball they quit. Theyll throw up a few dumb shots just to see the ball do some curry sliding and quit :joy::joy::joy:

Might want to sell for more to avoid a sniper

Can I still get agenda balls? I’m missing some the rest I already have.

Yes they are in lifetime agendas. They aren’t too hard to get. If you are doing the invincible Bill Russell challenges you get them along the way. The expensive ones would be the token ball rewards and the ornament balls if you didn’t get them earlier when they were easy to get.

The ornament balls are probably available in the Season of Giving packs

Got it last night for like 4K and forgot to update. Thanks for those who attempted to help


True, but I doubt people are dropping real money for a chance at an ornament ball in August. Most will probably just pay the prices from the auction house.

I hate playing with the fire ball. It’s so distracting and it makes my eyes hurt after about 5 mins. Maybe I’m just old haha.

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Maybe thats y i get some quits then lol

This was my first year getting da fire ball and i have only seen like 4-6 guys on xb1 w it.

Makes my eyes bleed. I don’t know why people want this card. Just awful

I quit all games against fireball owners, as if they had an all black court or the single move spammers. Not about to waste 30 mins just for a meaningless W.

U mean L? Cuz this fire ball owner dont lose lol

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What did you do with your 250k tourney money ? Since you don’t lose LOL

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Bought bol bol n took ur mom on a nice date what else would i do with it?
Edit: just a joke dont get personal on me.

All good, I subscribe to the Mark Twain 'never argue with an idiot" policy when it comes to online exchanges.

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