Need Karl Anthony Towns Opal input!

Need Karl Anthony Towns Opal input!

Should I lock in for KAT?

if u like kat do it the game is fucked so just do what u want


I have D-rob, Bol bol, M. Bol, Tim D., Porzingis all opal

Comment of the day - I love this. Blunt, honest, and true information :joy:


It’s been almost a week locking in KAT for me and I have no regrets. Melo has been playing extremely well for me and Magic always cooks

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KAT is nice and I still use him regularly. Once you get his release down he’s cash.

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I pulled Magic and I have enough to finish the set.

Is KAt slow?

No just throw a shoe on him bruh. If you think Magic is endgame for you and you can tolerate Melos shot it’s a no brainer

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if u already have all these then i don’t think Kat’s gonna give u much different, but it’s a solid card and can fit into any team, and if ur a KAT fan irl why not

Go for it. That set is pretty cheap nowadays.

Ive used Melo every year and he was mvp diamond reward card for me last year.

his shot is a bit different this year. honestly i didn’t love melo cards last year but really like this GO. i don’t play him anymore bc I can’t bring mysself to get 100 blocks w/ him for the evo tho

is it just 100 blocks?

no it’s like 100 or 200 rebounds, 100 steals, 100 blocks, and 300 assists

see below

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200 3s attempt, 100 blocks, 100 steals and 300 assists


thanks bro


He’s my favorite center I have wilt and Kareem and still kat doesn’t disappoint

I disagree, I was looking for a stretch big to replace Kareem, that was the only thing he was lacking. KAT is the only stretch 5 with a big player model and dynamic dunking. You can’t leave him open and he has the ability to cook every game

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