Need help

Current squads. I really want to get PD AD is that smart tho? Is he worth it or should I hold still right now? Sitting at 415k MT atm

hold… new fire pf/c due to drop soon

ad overrated af only expensive bc the market is dry at his position

Get ad superpack pack come out and get lebron

Where would lebron slot? @Carlo221

Replace hill or at pg replace magic with Granger

AD is an all around beast and a must have on my team for years. His 96 All star card in 2k17 was goated



That’s what I would do. I separate pippen and kawhi
also Dwight and Hakeem could switch. Picking up AD.

However a bigman is likely to be in the Signature Series.

So I would wait for the drop or news to decide to boost myTeam.

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