Need help with my lineup

who should i sell and who should i swap out and for who ?

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Bro look how much mt you got with that trash team sell everyone except kd and Stockton lol

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Yeah I gotta agree. Great cards. But way better options if you have the cheddar to spend. I’d take Bosh over Moses all day. Start Stockton.

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I think you could buy glenn rob and dominique gobert

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And eddie jones

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Yeah, sell everyone except Stock and KD.

Eddie, Glen, AK, Amy Chris Paul, Gobert is a good option. Depends on ho much MT you have after selling. Theres a lot better players than what you have right now in that lineup for under 100K.

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I been really good with tmac ? is the prime mystery card worth getting ?

i have more mt ill have like 2 mill, but can you tell me starter and backup for each position i should get

I’m getting him also. Any badges we should add to a naked one? Good shoe?

Idk for shoe but gold range

At least

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here. if you have 2 mil + kd and stockton you’ll have more than enough to pull this off

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is this good for now. any other changes

I dont have the 2mill yet and prices are expensive now because i play on pc. I just need to kno what to fix now with my current lineup. is tmac and b roy really not worth keeping ?

no. on pc you are on the last gen 2k so clamps is the most important badge in the game

Personally I would sell Ginobili, Stoudemire, and maybe even Roy and pick up Zion.

Since you seem to like T-Mac and are good with him I’d keep him.


Haha I’m too poor to answer this question