Need help with lineup

I still cant decide if i wanna lock in ray. Or if i do sell the cards for that set what should i use as replacements in the mean time.

I also have curry, wilt, and tatum

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First off, I think you linked a Warcraft build. Second, I don’t think locking in Ray is a good idea. tMac is clearly better, and with the rest of the MT you can build a great squad. Try: Diamond Butler, George, Siakam, Odom, Bryant PD: Wilt, Stockton, Rose, Blake, Giannis

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i reposted it

Sell today or you’ll regret it. GO Roy will be here soon & he will pbly be equal or better.

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sell what ?

whats cards u think i should sell out of the ones i have ?

Sell iverson and mj as fast as you can, those card are not good value

Sell. You can get Broy for a healthy fraction of that price

so just sell those 2 ? should i sell duncan and drose as well ?

sell whhich cards ?

Sell A.I, MJ, that Diamind imposter Giannis and go get you that PD Greak Freak


Bro sell Timmy, AI, Rose, Kobe or Jimmy, & Giannis

Go finish PD Giannis

Get Ben Simmons

You def dont need more than 10 players.


That Giannis is going for over 100K again on XBox.

Or at least he was this morning.

isnt mj better than diamond kobe ? i think kobe sells for more should i keep mj n sell kobe ?

would u keep kobe or jordan which diamond is better ?

hard to sell timmy rose and kobe because im currently using them alot. Thats why i was thinking aBOUT locking ray. I can def dell AI and kobe or jordan tho since jordan and kobe is similar