Need help with kd

how much better is the go kd over the 98 kd? Is it really worth upgrading.

This is my team im debating on what i should do or what i should aim for ?

Offensively? Nah not worth the price of upgrade. Defensively he’s obviously way better. Do you want to lock for the tokens? If not, I’d stick with PD personally

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I budget 400K for him.
Nothing more.

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this is my team now what u suggest i get with all these new cards out

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Beautiful Team!
KAJ or Yao

u dont think tmac or klay worth getting or even lonzo? Also should i make pierce my backup over bird since hes a go ?

Pierce has slower shot if you don’t mind that you can get him.


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so i shouldnt change my starters just my backup 5 ?

Get KAJ at Center in Starters

and drob as backup ? i think kaj is super expensive still on pc

You’re on PC?

Just get a glitched PD KD with HOF Defensive badges.

How much MT do you have?