Need help with a potential broken Xbox One S

Hey guys. My Xbox broke today and I was hoping someone could help me identify which component is the faulty one.

This morning I turned on the console , it was working normally. After 1 hour I tried to load up a different game but a sync error kept popping up so I tried restarting the console.
I turned off the console…and since then it’s not working.

I made a video (Video here) about the problem I’m facing
After I turn on the console, you can hear a clicking noise coming from the Xbox(at 0:19 and 0:37). It’s the same noise the console make if you plug it out from the power unit but now it’s making it every 20 second when it’s turned on.
The console shut itself down after about 1-2 minutes.

The loud ventillator noise is not coming from the Xbox , that’s a ventillator underneath my laptop :sweat_smile:

The TV even after I turn on the Xbox says that the HDMI port which come from the Xbox is not active.
Can’t even do hard reset because the console don’t give any signal to the TV.

After a really really quick Google search my thinking it’s the HDD that died but I’m hoping some of you maybe already seen a problem like this and could help me find what’s broken.

Thank You guys in advance :grin: