Need Help -- Does anybody know this Reddit user from 2K17?

This user on Reddit approached me via message saying he has Amethyst AI, and that he hasn’t been playing much anymore. Of course he wants be to go first, and can’t provide many vouches or rep since he “hasn’t really played since 2K17”… His name on Reddit is Baseballguy10130. Does anybody know him / if he’s trustworthy? I’m thinking of saying fuck it and just letting this offer pass. This risk is too much and I don’t get why people can’t trust the open market when posting a card. It’s not like I’m asking to buy Iverson for a BIN at like 70K. I am offering to put down 300K+ on a maximum bid and having a friend bid up right beneath it.

Thank you for your help, and let me know if this guy is legit / a known user on with rep.

So he hasn’t really played since 2k17… but has an amythest Iverson just sitting around.

Ooh that’s a good point

I’m not in Reddit sorry

He’s charging you in order for you to spend 300k on AI?

Yea, his whole story sounds fishy.

No, he is charging me prior to posting AI, and then will post AI for a BIN. I don’t want the risk of the card getting sniped, I just want somebody to post him for bidding! The last one went for 297K!!!

He also saw my reputation thread and thinks this site is invalid because it is so new. Like bruh, you haven’t done anything since 2K17.

I know you really want that Iverson but I’d pass if I was you… sounds too fishy to me. Unless he gets legit vouchers. But paying him to post Iverson is risky to start with since there could be an MT millionaire out there who can outbid you or snipe it if it’s BIN.

This sounds fishy, if he doesn’t play why does he care

Just so happens to be when new cards drop too

I have 450K that I doubt anybody would pay more. I am also going to wait til the last possible 30 minutes, and would buy more MT if need be.

Wow, Amy AI was posted twice on xbox for 100k bid and didn’t get any bids

Yes good point too… the scammers always come out when the new promo comes out.

Don’t bend over backward. Your voucher thread on this site should be good enough for any reasonable seller. Simply putting the card up for no BIN auction means he’s getting market price to begin with.

It doesn’t make sense for someone who has an Amethyst AI to demand a minimum sale price, really. If they can sell it, they didn’t lock him in, so they don’t have the special motivation you have. And if they’re a huge AI fan, then they still don’t have special attachment to this card, because of the very economical Diamond.

Don’t try to convince anyone. Just let them know that you will guarantee a certain amount over 100K if it somehow sells for no more than that naturally, in auction. And provide your voucher thread as substantiation that you’re good for it.

If someone still demands you to go first, then I assume they’re either a scammer or absurdly paranoid.

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Don’t do it man

Yea I’m not going to. Hopefully the impending crash puts one on the AH.

Yea I asked for proof and he provided me with a very skewed photo. I asked for him to take a photo of his TV while holding up a sheet of paper with today’s date, and he blocked me lol.

Good thing

Glad you didn’t get scammed