Need help creating build

Not that big of a park player but trying to get into it.

Looking for an all-around SG or SF build, but more focus on dribbling and slashing, any help is appreciated.

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I’d do a facilitating finisher SG or a two way finisher SF.

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any way i can make a SF build with these thresholds at an 85-90 overall

driving dunk: 70
ball control: 70
three point: 70

blue/green and yellow do that. if you want good d too but only 67 ball handle id go red/green

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i’m not that informed about what’s good in park. what’s a solid three ball rating that is useable ?

not 100% sure since im an inside center, but on othe builds i get by with like a 75 three with good badges. i usually buy shooting boosts from the stand

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gotcha thanks for the help

Look at the big playlocks (most are called facilitating finisher), yellow/red pie or go pure yellow (offensive minded wing/ point forward). Pure yellow has exactly what you ask right off the bat

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Keep in mind that these that you are asking for are iso builds. So you’d need teammates who can shoot and play defense for you.

Most people that don’t know about park ask for Kobe builds, Hakeem builds, and the likes… Look, these builds don’t exist.

Park meta is exactly like the real life NBA, PNR or iso. No one want to play with a post scorer who want the ball in the paint everytime :joy:

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i’m trying to make a wing (SG or SF) because people i know have the point guard and bigs locked up already.

i’m just trying to get the closest all around build, even though an all around build doesn’t completely exist

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red green is ur best option fosho


To address your shooting question, there’s a few badge thresholds to keep in mind in my opinion. Your badges matter more for shooting than your stats do in my opinion. I’m more than happy to break down what badges I think you should have at each threshold, but here we go. Keep in mind these are regardless of 3 point rating, so if you have a pure sharp and hit from the corner without any badges unlocked yet don’t be surprised. Add 1 badge to each threshold for 6’9” and up to account for extra quickdraw.

3 badges to be able to shoot from the corner. You won’t be the best but you can’t be COMPLETELY left alone.
6 badges to be a threat from the corner. If they leave you open you should hit it open most of the time. At this point your team should be able to draw up a play for you to get a corner 3 and be comfortable.
10 badges to be a threat to hit from anywhere around the arc, though not limitless. Basically just expands that corner ability around the arc, not necessarily into limitless range though.
17 badges to be a straight up shooter. Also helps that to get this many badges you need shooting in your archetype. At this point you expand into limitless range and can sit at the hash comfortably and spread out the defense.

These aren’t exact just general thresholds. If for some reason you have a pure sharp with 95 3 but only 16 shooting badges I’m sure you’ll still hit from everywhere. If you make a paint beast with 3 shooting badges you will probably still miss most corner 3s unless you really know your shot. (6 badges is another story. No really, trust me.)

Hope this helps!

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thanks for the breakdown!

i was wondering if i’m able to get 10-12 shooting badges on my SF with a three rating of 70-75, what badges are must haves and on what tier (bronze, silver etc)?

It depends on the build, but yeah most likely. For example my 6’5” two way slashing play (red/yellow piechart) gets 10 shooting badges and a 63 3 point rating I believe

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My two way playmaker C has a 60 3 ball and I make a lot of 3s with a good release. I don’t have catch and shoot yet only QuickDraw so one I get C&S at least gold it’ll be really good

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i made a slashing playmaker who is able to get a 75 driving dunk, 75 three ball and a 86 ball control off rip but idk what my badging should be

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For 10 badges, you’ll want gold quick draw (or silver if you like jump shot 38), gold hot zone hunter, silver green machine, then depending on whether you shoot more from the corner or top of the key either silver corner specialist or silver catch and shoot. If you have the extra badge from gold vs silver quickdraw, put it on volume shooter.

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Ah perfect, how many shooting badges do you get? You’ll be able to shoot consistently for sure and get contact dunks off rip. Nice!

Scratch that about the contact dunks I misread. I thought you said 86 contact dunks lol. You’ll be able to speed boost off rip though which is honestly better

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Then imo you’re probably needed to make a lock…
PNR lineup is: playsharp, 3&D, inside big.
ISO lineup is: slasher, 3&D, 3&D.

If I were you I’d make a 6’5/6’6 PG two-way slashing playmaker. The most versatile build in the game, can literally do everything, including shooting from anywhere.

This way you can fit in both lineups. This build is a great lock and obviously a great ISO build.

The build you originally asked for doesn’t have defense. You don’t really fit in a PNR lineup with that. If your friends have ISO lineup build you’re fine with that though.

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would making that PG you mentioned be okay for a team that already has two guards tho? that’s my dilemma