Need help between 3 players

Option 1 buy New Melo run at SG with Dirk SF

Option 2 buy Pascal run at SF with dirk at SG

Option 3 grind bird run at SF with dirk at SG

What you guys think ?

Is bird that much better than Melo and Pascal

Yes WAYYY better imo

Hmmm so are you telling me to grind for bird ?

In all seriousness though the Bird grind was a slog for me… that I would easily do again because he’s one of the best cards I’ve used.


Worth the grind imo

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Iight thanks man looks like ima Buy Melo and just hold him until packs are up and grind bird then sell melo

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Hmmm cool plus bird comes with about 80-100k so I’ll make some Mt as well with getting that beast thanks guys

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Finished the Bird grind yesterday and he’s the second best GOAT card behind Kareem. We’ve never had a Bird card this athletic!!


100% grind Bird!

Bet luckily on I’m Xbox I’m bout glitch haha

The Bird grind also comes with a lot of tokens so it’s def worth it

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Yea I noticed that as well only thing is I’m sure I won’t need any tokens but I may open up some token boxes if they ever come