Need contract help!

I need to play one more historic domination game, I can grind to get the vc to buy my last two expired contracts players. The thing is, I will no doubt get completely screwed at least once, so what is a tip for contracts?

Play the first game in a teams schedule mode, you get a few contracts, and just use trash bronzes or silvers with a bunch of contracts

I quicksold those a very long time ago

Damn, that’s probably the easiest way, aside from a mycareer game

But those take like 15 minutes + cutscenes even if you sit there and do nothing

A myleague game on shortened quarters? If you set the quarters to like 2 minutes or less and just play the whole time, put it on rookie difficulty?

The vc changes based on difficulty and time played, meaning a 1 minute quarter game earns you 100 vc, and a 12 minute quarter game earns you 1200 vc. (Varys depending on difficulty)

Come to think about it, why do contacts even exist? We already lose 10% in the AH, why do we need to have contracts?

I couldn’t remember if they kept it like that, since mycareer your difficulty doesn’t affect vc gains. You could just bye the bullet and spend 2 bucks on the 5000 vc, as much as it sucks. There’s not really any other decent options

But 2 bucks for contracts, 2 whole dollars

You quicksold Contracts?

That’s the worst thing to quick sell.

If you can’t grind VC in some other mode then sell one of your players to get Contracts to get back up and running and make sure you keep enough MT on hand to buy contracts through the game menu. Contract cards, if for Diamonds, maybe Amethysts when Contracts are going for cheap.

No, I quicksold bronze players

So the only players you have are the ones in your team currently? No rewards or anything you’ve gathered that have a contract or two on them?

That doesn’t make any sense either. You want Bronzes for your bench for PvCPU games in which you don’t need to run a stacked team.

I sold a lot yesterday before the crash of today

Some of us are lazy though and don’t want to do manual subs