Need community help! Change my mind

So I was looking to snipe a pippen to hold for later and I came across a diamond pg for 80k so I swooped. I’m considering selling pd giannis. With George I have a plethora of really good small fordwards. I’ve got diamond Durant, George, pippen, and yellow bron. Giannis Price seems to be rising again. Mine has a diamond contract and diamond Kobe ad. Should I sell him now or wait until later?

Giannis is always going to hold some value because of how cheesy he is, and as long as they don’t do another re-release his value might go up again with lack of supply. That being said, it looks like he’s high in value rn, so if you really like PG/Bron/KD, you could sell Giannis and use the MT to get one of their Anni. cards when it drops.

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I’m so torn.


The only thing that I can say is that the Series 2 guys will more than likely have at least more HoF badges than the series 1 guys to give some incentive for people to rip/dump MT. Giannis is amazing, but that KD might have all the HoF shooting badges.

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Always get the most for the high tier card you have . Sell him man , if your team can be competitive without him , then it’s a no brainer . If you think he is too much of a beast and your team needs him , then keep him .

But from a purely objective standpoint , I would recommend sell and buy later when the cp3 hysteria is dead.

I did it. hes up fully badged with contract and the best shoe for him. ugh lol

Truth is Pippen can replace him. He is very slightly worse on the drive, but if you run anyone like grant hill, magic, pg etc at the 1, Pippen will shine even more than giannis.