Need advice

Just bought heat check Giannis, Davis and harden and they’re all beast but a lot of people are saying they’re price will plummet soon is this true? Should I sell or keep?

My friendly advice is not to buy any heat check cards, especially not the “good ones” if you’re not completing the sets for the tokens.

Inconsistent updates, lack of badges and better coming out will hurt them a lot

Oh no young child, if you have those bummy heat checks in your lineup you are already doing something wrong. Sell em dirt cheap my friend.

Klay, Porzingis, Jokic, Towns… basically op rubies are useful for sometime.

While nobody knows exactly how Heat Check will play out as the year progresses, the way 2k makes money is by selling hot promo packs. So we can be 100% sure that they will come out with hot promo card pack that are much more attractive than the current Heat Check players.

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Aight thanks bro