Need advice before the Rice sweat!

Any and all advice would be LOVED! Cards not currently in the 13 but may be upgrades, all spotlight rewards (Sikma, Davis, Boogie especially), RJ Barrett, Beasley, and SL Giannis.

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I can’t stand Wilt. He does so many things amazing and then my whole world comes crashing down when I try to hit a jumper with him

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at least for me imo that spicy p doesnt do much. i would probably put thurl at the 3 because for me with a 3 pt shoe he hits pretty consistently and then replace that pd bird with literally anyone bro hes outdated trust

Even though Wilt and Hakeem are amazing, their releases are too janky for me (even though I’m pretty consistent with Wilt myself). Depends on your playstyle but if you like to pick and pop, I would definitely suggest having Sikma/Cousins at the end of your bench

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Who do you like the most of the spotlights? Just got cousins and feels really nice

Looks good to me. Maybe upgrade Bird? Or a big with a great release? You have defenders, shot creators, elite centers, a giant center. You check off a lot of boxes.

vouch for sikma. his release goes crazy

Going to slide Thurl to 3 and get him a 3pt shoe, Birds gone too.

The shot isnt bad in freestyle or a perfect connection online game, but the jerky motion is worthless if there is a tiny bit of lag.