Need a new SG a good 3 and D player

He will be paired with rondo so anyone with a great catch and shoot.

PG13 New one. Ray Allen not bad too Pair in real life.


You think he’d be cheaper tmrw?

I anything drops at the guard wing spot, then yes.

They are a terrible pair in real life.

Rondo hates Allen’s guts lol

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They were champions in boston so I guess it was effective.

After that. Read about its actually hilarious.

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Jimmy Butler Moments


Have any of you tried the Amy wade? My opponent had one and was planting his nuts in Ralph’s face like 3 times. And was shooting from the arc

Jimmy butler for sure

Yeah i would say butler, if u have a short pg, u need to make it up with your sg. I run magic/allen and Kidd/klay

It’s either the new pg or jimmy.

Shooting guards, sorted by outside shooting and defending.

Michael cooper. Smooth release too

got Jimmy Butler yesterday and I gotta see he is no damn joke - at all. Just needed a standby 3&D guy but he’s turned out to much more for me. TONS of steals especially when the opposing PG is a clear matchup advantage, using him in a lineup with Amy Draymond allows me great defensive flexibility.

Found he was a surpisingly good playmaker and then gave him gold dimer and he went next level - he also might have the best driving animations on my team and flies in for wild dunks often so don’t sweat his mid range ratings you should either be draining 3’s running pick and roll and dunking like a beast in transition

honestly with the right badges Luka is almost 3 & D status - specifically his steals (95 rating) and is smooth and in command in transition and works alll over the court on offense. Don’t see him mentioned much

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Best shoe for Amy butler?

Amy Luka or D Pippen. Pippen release is eeeeeeeeasy money.

I’ve got pippen at the Sf he’s a beast

I still run Ruby Mo Pete, most consistent shooter on my team, his release is so smooth, he’s 6 foot 9, servicable defender, sneaky fast, and great finisher

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