Need a favor

My friend sold his PS4 so he gave me his account and there’s 150k mt on there. Can somebody exchange mt with me. I know it’s a risk so I understand if no one wants to we can do it in small increments.

Are u trying to put it on your account? just put a couple rubies up on your account for 25k a piece then go buy them off of his account… its really easy

You have to have a different IP address I think or have you done it?

You need different IP addresses

Nah i dont think you need different ips… just go put a bronze up on one account and see if it pops up then just to make sure… cuz i believe it should work i havent tried it like that

I’m saying I’ve tried that before and you can’t find the card so you need different IP addresses thought you knew a way around it

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Ohh okay didnt know 2k was that lame haha… if i had nba on my ps4 id help but i got it on xbox

Just use your phone as a hot spot for a different IP. Problem solved.

Put the cards on block. Power off ps4. Power back on with other account.

I do it with 2 xbox1s in the same room

I tried this in k18 and that’s didn’t work either. Maybe it works this cycle though? I feel it might recognise the ps4. Like something to do with primary accts

I tried with both on and couldn’t see my cards. Only when I powered one at a time could I see the cards

If it’s ip then using a hotspot would solve it

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It uses multiple things, I.P. address and serial number of the ps4 are the main 2. So not only do you need a different I.P. but also a different ps4

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If you have 2 ps4s, make sure the receiving account is off when you put cards on block. After you do, cut off 1st one. Cut on second one and you should be good. That’s how I farm.

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