Need a favor! [PS4]

Trying to move 200k to my account just need someone to send me 200k and I’ll send the 216k on the other account to theirs. PM me if you can

Just showing I’m not trying to get over on anybody

I got you if you on XB1

My bad I updated the title Preciate it tho

So you want someone to send you 200k and get back 194,400? lol

I’m gonna make up whatever the difference is I was just stating that cause that’s all I have on that account. I already have 750k but my roommate no longer plays and gave me his mt

Well I think if you wanted someone to do this and risk getting banned for it you might want to up your offer by like quite a bit.

I could simply just give the login but who’s to say they won’t just keep the mt themselves. That avoids everything and people have been selling all year and Vc glitching I doubt 2k bans anyone

There was ONE spree of bans who else on the site has been banned since then? ZERO and that was like a Thanos snaps fingers ban people were banned that didn’t even do anything

All I am saying is that you should be offering people like 50k to make it worth their time.

So I should up to 50k mt or risk the chance of losing out on 200k so in the end I end up only getting 130k :joy::joy::joy:. If your on PS4 I could simply give you the login and the account that gets banned is the one that nobody uses

Just sell the MT and buy it back on a separate account, trades are hard to account due to the 10% tax on both sides

Well maybe someone will help you out for free. Who knows. You can only hope I guess.