Need a Favor (12-0 related)

I found a lineup configuration that gave some good results last night and now I’m 7-0. And no, it’s not cheesy like an all bronzr bench. What I’m wondering is if it is consistent because I’d really like to finish it tonight so I can move on to spending time on remaining FA’s (Giannis is mine next week assuming I can finish Schedule mode).

So the question is does anyone want to try my lineup combination and see what the results are? I can’t afford to have it backfire and reset me if I face a god squad, ain’t nobody got time for that.

PM if you want to try it and I can tell you what I’m rocking.

PS Its not a huge secret or anything that hasn’t been posted before but I just don’t want everyone on this train, feel me?


Im gunna expose you for all your worth. No one can have an advantage

Im kidding lol ps

You will get matched against a god squad in game 10-12, always happens to me on big streaks like that when trying out different lineup types.

good luck on number 12 bro!

Running 5 or 6 man rotation with bronze bench still the easiest way I find. You match up with similar or worse teams.

When experimenting various rubies and amethyst etc ur bound to meet a squad better than yours lol.

For a brief period I was able to avoid all god squads using one Diamond/ Amy …and one ruby with rest sapphire and under…doesn’t work anymore :joy:

Yeah games 10 and 12 for me are always the sweatiest.

The only problem with that method, if you face a great player with a BETTER 5-6 rotation then you’re screwed. I don’t have many top tier players at the moment so my 5-6 cards certainly won’t be god level. I can probably beat a player with elite cards if I’m better on the sticks but that’s just not always the case. But seems like everyone but me has the best cards in the game (at the moment). My best starting 5 possible right now would be PD JR, Di Kirilenko, PD Grant Hill, PD Webber, PD Oden. Pretty good but someone with like GO Blake/Giannis, PD KD, etc. with decent skill level could crush me.

game 9 was my sweaty game. I was 8-0 and lost 71-70 because Vince missed a leaner from the free throw line and was only lightly contested :confused: time to do it all over again cuz I want Wes… dude was sweating hard with KD it sucked

The few times i tried the 8 bronze and 5 pd method to lower my overall i was immediately faced against a team doing the exact same thing.

The times i tried using a budget baller squad of all the best rubies and sapphires i was immediately faced against a team with the same 5 pds 8 bronze lineup as above.

I said screw it and tried to do the matchmaking 12-0 method with a buddy of mine where we both queue at the same time with all bronze coach and team, both of us waiting over a minute searching and i get matched first with a full pd team vs my full bronze. He wasnt even trying to lower his overall, he just queued up and got my bronze team as the reward.

Screw 2ks matchmaking.

True…I’m running

Magic,Clyde,ak, pd giannis and go wilt

And maybe oden…do you have mutumbo ? He was key for me too before I had wilt. Try Amy Bobby Jones …also.

In general I rarely run into GOs at least in the past

Lol :joy: wow. Well if u have half decent 5 man rotation . At least it is a fair fight ? I usually face off against similar teams half the time…and the rest time …weaker team . So odds still more favourable

After I got the pom last month I tried so many different lineup combinations to test out matchmaking. They’ve def updated things and overall I don’t see a consistent way of going up against weaker or even similar teams.

In February you could run 1 PD, 1 D, 1 Amy, and 2 Rubies with an all bronze bench and always see a significantly weaker lineup.